Who is she is you? she is you

How to thrive in your personal and professional lives

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Don’t just take our word for it, here is what people who have experienced our workshops or joined our sisterhood have said:

I found the She Is You session very helpful and encouraging to young girls like me to build our self confidence, self value and self worth. I learnt that everyone is different and has a purpose in life. I would recommend other ladies to come, it is worthwhile and I will definitely attend other workshops


Danait, 20

I got into the London School of Fashion to study Fashion Design Technology. Thank you for the advice you gave me about setting goals and targets to reach my goals.



Being a part of She Is You has been such a progressive experience for me. It’s cultivated positive habits like discipline, consistency and created a hope in me that I would say I was otherwise beginning to lose. I’m in awe of the sisterhood I’ve come to be a part of and the amount I’ve learnt from the girls as well as the guest speakers that I’ve come to meet.

Angella, 28


Here are a few of the companies and organisations we have worked with. Enabling us to positively impact a generation of females to become the best version of themselves.