Dream Bigger: Defining your entrepreneurial purpose 

The dream bigger session held on 26th November 2020 was such a powerful session and gave attendees a blueprint into defining their entrepreneurial purpose. We were joined by founder Rochelle White, from the Rochelle White Agency. Rochelle took us through the journey of  finding her own purpose and the difference it made to her entrepreneurial path.

Finding your purpose is not a simple task and will require a bit of work. However, it is something that is very achievable and can actually be an enjoyable process. The reason why so many people want to know their purpose is because it helps to act as a filter on what’s important. When what you do is attached to your purpose it adds meaning to your life.

Your purpose is something that constantly evolves, as you go through life each new situation will test your purpose, as you become familiar with it, it will help you make decisions aligned with your why. 

Rochelle shared some great learning points which we would love to share: 

  • Always have a plan 
  • Identify your why and create your business from that. It will guide you when the road gets tough and will also help you when making decisions for the business
  • Do not compare yourself, everyone’s journey is different 
  • Be brave, have courage 
  • Focus on yourself, who you are and what you want to do 
  • Learn from other people and take inspiration from industries outside of your own
  • Stay true to yourself 

When you are trying to find your purpose you will find that you will need to ask yourself a lot of questions. A great model to look at if you don’t know where to start is the ‘Ikigai model’  – the pursuit of happiness. This model asks 4 important questions: 

  • What things are you good at? – what do people say you’re good at or what can you do without much thought
  • What does the world need? – when your purpose is connected to the outside world it creates greater meaning and fulfilment 
  • What will people pay you for? – what will make you money
  • What do you love to do? – if money was not necessary what could you do happily for a long time

Once you have taken the time to answer these questions, you are closer to finding out what your purpose is. Use your friends and family to help you discover some things that you may have not realised about yourself. Don’t leave anything out, really take your time to figure this out. 

Once you have done the work with the Ikagi model, write a statement which outlines where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months and 5 years time. Refer to it often and use it as a way to map out how you will live in your purpose. Remember that finding your purpose is not a destination but a journey that will constantly evolve. 

Image Credit: www.midlifechic.com