On the 29th October we virtually gathered online for the second event in our Dream Bigger series in collaboration with Natwest. Similar to the first event, it was a great evening filled with learning opportunities. 

Whether you have considered it or not your mindset can be a big barrier to you achieving your goals. It dictates how you operate, your behaviour and how you navigate through challenges. Whether or not you want to be an entrepreneur, it is a well known fact that entrepreneurs tend  to have a particular mindset. Entrepreneurs are known to have a certain tenacity and grit to the way that they navigate. Entrepreneurship is a road full of uncertainties, testing moments and often requires an ability to quickly adapt to changes. All of these characteristics can be equally as beneficial to roles outside of entrepreneurship. 

There are two types of mindsets: 

  • Growth mindset: Taking on the attitude that things can change
  • Fixed mindset: You’re born how you are and can’t be changed

Advancement in anything requires a growth mindset. There are several other learning points we had from this session. Read on to find out what they were: 

  • Write a vision statement and ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years and how you’ll get there 
  • If you are starting to find things awkward or uncomfortable that is good, keep pushing that’s where growth occurs
  • It is ok to try new things
  • If your vision is easy to maintain, you’re not dreaming big enough. Go big then break down the steps
  • If you want it you will find the time 
  • Don’t underestimate dedicating just 1 hour to your business 
  • Your business is an extension of you
  • Structure your time and compartmentalise it, assigning pockets of time to each compartment accordingly
  • You need to overcome self limiting beliefs – make a list of the top lies you say about yourself and counteract them with truth
  • Play to your strengths
  • You cannot ever fail you can only ever learn from your experiences 
  • Not everyone in your circle will understand your vision and that is ok 

If you missed out on this session, make sure you join our 3rd and final session on 26th November 6pm – 7.30pm. It’ll be on Defining Entrepreneurial Purpose and won’t be one to miss. 

We look forward to welcoming you.