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    The Pledge

    I am a beautiful woman, phenomenally made inside and out. I am a work in progress and strive to be better and do better each day. I promise to lift other woman up, because I understand that my power lies not only in lifting myself but lifting others too.
    She Is Amazing.
    She Is Unstoppable.
    She Is Powerful.
    She Is You.

    I’m in awe of the sisterhood I’ve come to be a part of and the amount I’ve learnt from the girls as well as the guest speakers that I’ve come to meet. This has reignited my zeal for life especially at a time where I left my job and things I had planned to pursue were not going according to plan. My SIY girls encouraged me and help me regain my self belief and self awareness despite the countless setbacks. Now I never miss a meeting because the group helps me refocus and realign myself on a monthly basis. I appreciate my sisterhood 🙂