If you’re anything like us the start of the New Year is an opportunity for afresh start and to smash them goals.

But in the process of smashing our goals and ticking off our to-do list we may sometimes neglect to take care of our mind and body. We recognise that we can’t be effective as we should be if we neglect self-care – that’s why for the month of January we have set ourselves a…SELF CARE CHALLENGE. Why not join us?

From Monday 6th January, we have set a positive action for each day of the month which is centred around self care and putting ourselves first. Our hope is that as we start the year with Self-care we’ll be able to carry this through for the rest of the year! 

Are you ready to start this month of January and this new decade by prioritising yourself and your mental well-being? We hear a resounding, YES! Let’s do it 🙂 

Let us in on your journey by following us on Instagram and using the hashtag #SiYSelfCareFirst and tag a friend who’d like to join in too.