The youth leadership board (YLB) of She Is You is made up of young women between the ages of 16 -25. They are the driving force behind She Is You and the activities carried out. The YLB is designed to nurture and support, talented young future female leaders. A platform where young women can walk in their leadership potential through first-hand experience. The Leadership Team of She Is You, (made up of the founding members) will have oversight of the YLB and act as a support, to help share and execute their ideas and skills, ensuring that their voice is being heard every step of the way.

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Meet our youth Leadership Board


Maria Taiwo


I am a medical student at UCL. Alongside this, I am a mentor supporting upcoming medical students in their academics through both tutoring and offering help in strengthening their university applications. As a result of my own personal experiences in education so far, I have developed a strong desire to encourage equality in opportunities for young people, in order to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Osas Ogbeide


I’m a UCL medical student and co-executive of a medicine mentoring scheme. I create a variety of media types like videos, logos and banners as I am very interested in graphic design. I am also n my university’s Afro-Caribbean Society committee and plan to use my position to educate, empower and inspire other students within the society. I have volunteered with several youth groups as I am very passionate about addressing social issues – especially sexual violation and colourism – and I have always wanted to use my voice to have a social impact.


I joined the She Is You Youth Leadership board because I want to refine my voice/ideas about social issues and through this opportunity I can also educate myself and gain insight into others opinions, thoughts and concerns. I also want to encourage discussions about current and personal social issues between powerful young women.

Esther Bada


I’m Esther, I’ve worked in the social care sector for five years. I’m driven to promote the wellbeing of individuals who may be oppressed or marginalised in society. I’m very passionate about my job and acknowledge that, provided with the right environment, support and determination, individuals have the ability to make the right changes to excel and reach their potential. I’ve enjoyed working towards empowering people as every day brings new challenges, which in turn, stimulates new ideas and helps to develop services and individuals to grow.
I hope to demonstrate innovation, whilst continuing to empower women from different backgrounds to excel in life. I’ve joined ‘She is you’ as I have the desire to promote female empowerment and engage in a service where women can discuss their flaws and how they can become a  better version of themselves.

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  • Committed to your own personal journey of growth and leadership
  • Contribute thoughts and ideas on issues that matter to you
  • Actively research on topical matters in relation to female empowerment, leadership, women of colour etc
  • Prepared to show up imperfectly but determined to become better through the process


  • An opportunity to speak out about the things that matter to you to drive change and provide solutions
  • The opportunity to inspire those coming up behind you and be a good example
  • A platform to nurture your leadership skills within a supportive environment and community
  • Access to opportunities and industries that will allow you to be exposed to female founders and other successful men and women
  • The opportunity to build your own network of other like-minded young women
  • Glean from the experiences and know-how of the ‘Big Sisters’
  • The environment to nurture and shape your voice