The She Is You Youth Leadership Board (YLB) is made up of young women between the ages of 16 -25. They are the driving force behind She Is You and the activities carried out. The YLB is designed to nurture and support, talented young future female leaders. A platform where young women can walk in their leadership potential through first-hand experience. The She Is You Leadership Team oversee and support the YLB in sharing and executing ideas and skills, ensuring that their voice is being heard every step of the way.

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“I would say that the program showed me that even as a young woman, I can empower the whole community both young and old. It showed me that I can do big impactful things even though I am young. From the program itself, I learnt so much about different walks of life and it helped me picture how I wanted to present myself as a black woman, particularly in a working environment . It taught me how to be the best me to be honest and that I should have faith that I can overcome many obstacles by remaining vigilant and true to myself. Lastly, I really learnt the importance of a good support system, particularly a sisterhood like Sheisyou.” 
– Osas

Meet our youth Leadership Board

Tyra Ukuti Edmund

I’m an Accounting and Finance student, studying at The University of Kent. I am interested in business and entrepreneurship, particularly female entrepreneurship as I believe this is something that is not celebrated and encouraged enough.

I started my first business at 16, selling jewellery, this was the first of many businesses I hope to own in the future. I joined the ‘She Is You Youth Leadership board’ because I want to inspire and encourage other young women like myself, as well as to grow in my own self confidence. I want to create a community to support, young women in whichever career they aspire to venture into in the future. Especially the ones that are predominantly male dominated. Whether that career be in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Medicine, Law etc. I want other young women to be able to believe that their dream career is attainable and that they should not limit themselves.


Maria Taiwo

I am a medical student at UCL. Alongside this, I am a mentor supporting upcoming medical students in their academics through both tutoring and offering help in strengthening their university applications. As a result of my own personal experiences in education so far, I have developed a strong desire to encourage equality in opportunities for young people, in order to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Osas Ogbeide

I’m a UCL medical student and co-executive of a medicine mentoring scheme. I create a variety of media types like videos, logos and banners as I am very interested in graphic design. I am also n my university’s Afro-Caribbean Society committee and plan to use my position to educate, empower and inspire other students within the society. I have volunteered with several youth groups as I am very passionate about addressing social issues – especially sexual violation and colourism – and I have always wanted to use my voice to have a social impact.

I joined the She Is You Youth Leadership board because I want to refine my voice/ideas about social issues and through this opportunity I can also educate myself and gain insight into others opinions, thoughts and concerns. I also want to encourage discussions about current and personal social issues between powerful young women.


Foluwa Omolokun

Currently in year 13 studying Economics, Politics and Sociology, I’m hoping to go on and study International Development and Economics at University next year. I’m passionate about empowering other women and girls so they can not only realise and fulfil their potential but also go on to bring about real change in their own local communities- something I’ve had the joy of beginning in my role as events co-ordinator for Girl Up’s London Coalition (A UN foundation initiative).

I decided to join the SIY Youth Leadership Board because I saw what they were doing, the amazing community they’re building and just knew this was something I wanted to a part of. As a young woman, having women of success to look up to is crucial, so I look forward to expanding the sisterhood of SIY as well as continuing to develop my own skills.

Jaydn Abankwa

I am currently in year 12 studying Maths, Economics and Geography and I am hoping to do a degree apprenticeship in Economics or Finance once I finish my A levels. 
I decided to join the SIY youth leadership team as I am passionate about young women reaching their full potential. I run the Afro-Caribbean society in my school and I use my platform to educate and inspire students. Furthermore, I host events to show off the school’s wide range of talent as well as encouraging others to feel comfortable enough to take part. Additionally, I ran a netball club at school for the girls in year 7 and 8 who didn’t make the team to develop their confidence and skill as well as push them to get them on the netball teams in the next academic year. 
From this leadership team, I hope to build my confidence as well as meet like-minded people where we all push and encourage each other to reach our full potential. 

Requirements and Benefits of Joining the
Youth Leadership Board


  • Committed to your own personal journey of growth and leadership
  • Contribute thoughts and ideas on issues that matter to you
  • Actively research on topical matters in relation to female empowerment, leadership, women of colour etc
  • Prepared to show up imperfectly but determined to become better through the process


  • An opportunity to speak out about the things that matter to you to drive change and provide solutions
  • The opportunity to inspire those coming up behind you and be a good example
  • A platform to nurture your leadership skills within a supportive environment and community
  • Access to opportunities and industries that will allow you to be exposed to female founders and other successful men and women
  • The opportunity to build your own network of other like-minded young women
  • Glean from the experiences and know-how of the ‘Big Sisters’
  • The environment to nurture and shape your voice